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Still Updating This House

December 1, 2012

We’ve done a lot of work updating on our house since we moved in 2007.

This year, Reid put drywall in the garage, which I didn’t think I cared about until it was finished and saw what a difference it made!

Reid, also, painted our red kitchen a pale light blue. A very welcomed change.

But, during these past few years, we haven’t updated the decor.

Frames we hung in 2007 have not moved. Same color scheme and pillows being used the living room.

But, that’s going to change.

For starters, vinyl letters for our front door to do this are on my Christmas list…

We’ve had red pillows in the living room for a while, but we’re ready to get away from red. I can’t decide which direction I want to go, though. I’ve thought about all white pillows, for a clean and simple look.

Or, all different pillows- one black and white ikat, one bright floral, etc. to bring in more colors.

Not sure.

After realizing how much more we preferred our bedding at the beach over ours at home, we decided to ask Santa for an update.

This was our bedroom when we got married.

We’ve since changed the bedding and bought new furniture.

But, now, we’re switching to a solid white quilt and pale blue/tan pillows.

The biggest change coming soon is BATHROOM FLOORING!

We never really decided what we wanted to do with those nasty-can’t-get-them-clean white floors in the bathrooms. Reid’s parents happen to have flooring left over from the condo that they’re letting us have, so hello, new floors in both bathrooms!

And with new flooring, Reid is, also, installing frames on the mirrors that he stained last night.

Our bathroom is painted a chocolate color with red and tan accents. But, that’s going away, too.

It’s going to be a drastic change. We’re painting the walls a pale gray, switching to a white and gray print curtain, and installing shelves similar to these:

And the gold light in our bathroom will be tossed.

We may even put the flooring in the laundry room and paint it, too.

So, this means after these projects, there will not be a square inch in this house we have not changed in some way.

Until then, our bathroom floors look like this:

the end.

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