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A Tree and Gifting

November 30, 2012

Felt Christmas trees for kids to decorate seem to be everywhere online this year. I remember seeing it last year on, but didn’t feel up to making one. But, this year, I got on a crafting whim and went with it.

In the middle of making it, it dawned on me that Jack may be too old for this. I kept making it, but not as many ornaments as I first thought, just to see if he’d even play with it.

He’s played with it a little. We’ll see if he’s still interested in a week. If not, there are lots of little friends we can give it to.

I started wrapping presents last night. I keep seeing really cute wrapping paper in stores, but I think I want to do the brown paper packages again. I’ll probably buy some of the fun paper for some of Santa’s presents.

But, I’m not into the monogram tags this year. I like them, but I want something different.

So far, this is all I’ve got.

I’m going to eventually add cute gift tags. I really like these from Sass & Peril.

I may have mentioned this last year, but I like the idea of Santa having his own special tags.

1. Dazzle Expressions
2. PaperBagPrintzess
3. BrownPaperGoods
4. Two Pooch Paperie

I’ve got some time to decide if I want to go that far or not.

the end.

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  1. December 3, 2012 8:07 am

    Where did you get the brown wrapping paper?

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