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October 31, 2012

It felt so good to tell Jack it was FINALLY trick-or-treating day when he woke up this morning!

But, first, he must go to the doctor with me, ha!

Thankfully, they have a little play area and we weren’t there too long.

And, there was lots of candy offered.

Jack wanted to play with the camera while we waited in our room.

Fast and right-to-the-point appointments are always good. And a quick shot for my psoriasis and we’re done.

Jack got a card and a $5 bill in the mail for Halloween, so it was exciting times for him when I suggested he buy a Batman mask!

Want a little adventure in your life? Go to Wal-Marts on Halloween. Yeah.

Jack was so happy when he put on the mask!

Of course, when we got in the car, he was concerned because we didn’t buy a cape. When I said he could use his Darth Vader cape, there was a meltdown.

Apparently, that’s not the same and a Batman costume is going on his Christmas list.

For now, I’m trying to keep his sneaky hands away from candy while I clean up a bit around the house. Reid’s parents are coming over to eat dinner and trick-or-treat with us tonight.

I made taco soup and Sally’s bringing stuff to make cider. I’m a little bummed because I tried the soup and the meat doesn’t taste great, which I didn’t anticipate. I bought grass-fed beef from EarthFare just for the soup and it’s usually amazing, but not this time. Oh, well.

the end.

Oh! And I can’t let today go by without some comparison pictures from past Halloweens. I forgot how big those cheeks were!!

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