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So Into It

October 27, 2012

I’m ready to start blogging again! So, let’s do this.

We haven’t always taken advantage of all the things October has to offer, like carving pumpkins, fall festivals, etc.

Not this year.

We didn’t go to any “real” pumpkin patches, but I think we’ve done pretty good with festivals and other activities. Three down, and one tomorrow. And actual trick-or-treating in the neighborhood Wednesday night.

I only have one regret.

There was a costume contest at the fall festival in Alabaster today and we didn’t plan ahead well enough to make it.

We got there later in the day and everyone kept stopping us to ask about Jack’s costume and several told us we would have won the contest! DANG!

Next year, we will dominate.

I can’t wait to get better pictures of the full costume and show the before of these boxes and spare parts. This costume was all Reid’s idea and handiwork.

I’ve never been one for Halloween, but it’s more fun with a little boy who is thrilled with dressing up and asking for candy.

He asks everyday if today is the day for trick-or-treating. Oh, and he has informed us he wants to fill his bucket to the top. And we’re going to do our best. So we can eat it while he’s in bed.

I’m going to cheat this blog post and just link up to our FB pictures because there’s too many to post for now. And Jack’s asleep and Reid’s watching the game somewhere else, which means I have a date with Grey’s Anatomy and my fleece pajamas. What what!

You can see most of our fall festivities, so far, HERE.

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