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Pictures from the Week

October 11, 2012

– Last weekend, we went to Dunkin Donuts. Jack goes in and out of being into dressing up. Right now, he’s all about it. He insisted on wearing part of his Big Al costume to get donuts.

This picture makes me laugh.

– We’ve had actual fall weather. Which has brought back some fall favorites that have been sadly resting in the back of my closet. Like sweatpants.

I even broke out the yellow tights. I was never brave enough last year, but it just felt right the other night and I went with it.

– Speaking of clothes, Jack is in between sizes and things are either really short on him or too big and frumpy. I remember this being the case last year. I’m sure everything will fit in a couple months.

– Sunday night was cold enough for the first fire of the season. This was before it really got started.

– Jack saw these things called Color Changer Cars. He talked about them, but never asked for them. In the bath, he’d pretend his Matchbox cars were changing colors when he dipped them in different cups of water. So, I couldn’t wait til Christmas. We went to Toys R’ Us to find one.

We made sure to stop by the Cinderella aisle. Yes, this is my kid kissing a doll in a box. He remembers his trip to Disney too well.

– Jack looking through a Star Wars figure booklet.

– Reid has taken on making Jack’s Halloween costume this year. I wasn’t real excited about it, at first, but it’s going to look amazing. This is the before picture. Can you tell what he’s going to be?

the end.

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  1. October 12, 2012 8:01 am

    the distant future. the year 2000.

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