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Our Afternoon in Pictures

September 29, 2012

Jack’s having sleeping problems. Story of our lives, I guess.

He was up at 5:40 this morning. And we couldn’t get him back to sleep.

Reid won out on getting up with him while I slept. I knew Reid would get a chance for a nap and will get to sleep in tomorrow, so I didn’t feel too sorry about it.

Reid left after lunch to go to his parents’ quiet house to nap before the going to the Alabama game tonight.

Jack and I walked around Target for a bit to get out of the house. It’s always a dangerous activity. I found lots of things I want and that’s without going into the clothes department!

After that and a little Publix shopping, I let Jack paint a pumpkin he picked out earlier this week.

Then, we made cookies.

Jack smells his food before eating. I hope he grows out of this.

We got to use our special Minnie/Mickey Mouse sprinkles.

After tonight, we’re almost out of sprinkles. I guess we’ll need to go pick up some more or make them last til our next trip. šŸ™‚

Then, it was bath and pajama time. And popcorn and movie time.

Jack was exhausted by 6PM. Telling me over and over how tired he was.

Then, I did something I shouldn’t even blog about.

I loaded him up in the car and drove around the neighborhood. Like he’s 3 months old and it’s 2AM or something.

Bedtime has been a NIGHTMARE lately and I wasn’t ready to deal with it on my own, so I cheated and let him fall asleep in the car.

Best gas money spent.

Judge not, my friends. Judge not.

So, now, he’s asleep and I’m about to eat a peaceful late dinner and watch a movie with Deena. And maybe sew later on.

the end.

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  1. September 30, 2012 9:29 am

    cute pics! that pumpkin paint erasing is a great idea. also, i smell lots of things before i eat them or really just anything. i smell lots of stuff. he’s probably going to just be a smeller!

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