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Fall Kick Off

September 27, 2012

The splash pad closes on the 30th, so as a last hoo-rah for Summer, I took Jack today.

I would say it was a special Jack and Mommy day, but everyday is Jack and Mommy day.

We pulled into the parking lot.

No people. No cars. No water. Nothingness.

It was kind of eerie.

I’ll be honest and just say I’m already emotionally unstable right now, so I start tearing up. Jack is starting to panic a little, too, as he realizes what’s going on.

We had really played up this whole “whoooo, we’re going to the splash pad!!!!” thing. So, I was about to have a disappointed little boy on my hands.

Reid gave me the parks and rec number and they told me to push a button and it would turn it all on.

That sounded too simple, but it worked.

And all was well.

It was kind of fun to have the whole place to ourselves and run around like crazy. I think I was just as wet as Jack by the time we left.

the end.

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