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Three Things Monday

August 6, 2012

Since I mentioned this in my list of randoms about Jack, I feel the need to share we have found the sleep answer.

We’ve been letting Jack stay up til almost 8, instead of much earlier, and he’s gone to bed without getting up and without crying or throwing a fit two nights in a row!!!

Our nights are a lot more peaceful.

And we might like him a little bit more for this.

Reid and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary a couple days early on Friday night!

Jack spent the night at Reid’s parents’ house, so we went out. We ate at Firebirds, which we haven’t done in about 2 years! It was SO good. I love steak. Then, we walked around and went to Barnes and Noble. Then, home to watch the Olympics.

I guess when typing it out, it doesn’t sound exciting, but it was so very good and very relaxing.

And we got to sleep in the next morning. And not wake up to breakfast demands from a 3 year old.

Or a 3 year old breathing on my face, telling me to get up at 6AM.


We’ve been into watching the Olympics and I might be ok when they end so I don’t feel compelled to stay up til 11PM every night.

I’m not sure which part I like about the Olympics more– watching Jack reinact every sport or Reid’s ridiculous commentary. They’re both pretty entertaining.

the end.

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