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Randoms: The Jack Edition

August 3, 2012

The Jack Edition changes almost daily or monthly because he likes one thing today and hates it tomorrow. He’s three. Whatevs.

– Jack loved the beach in May, but hated it in July and only wanted to be at the pool. He’d even hold his hand up and declare, “NO beach, just pool!”

– Roger has gotten a personality lately. He’s a real person (er, elephant?). He likes to steal a bite or two of Jack’s snacks, drink from things, take naps by himself, etc. He’s even gone to time out a time or two.

– I feel like he’s always talking. There could be no one in the room with him and he’s still blabbering away. There have even been times in the car when I declare “no more talking.”

– When he’s trying to get out of something, he tells us he’s scared. Like, when we put him in bed and he starts crying and says he’s “scared of all things” while pointing at everything in the room.

– Bedtime is killing us right now. We’ve tried locking the door, spanking, time out, the silet treatment via SuperNanny style, etc, but he’s getting up every night over and over again. For about an hour and a half.

If we spank him for it, he says “just a little bit.” When we do the silent thing, he laughs and says “don’t get me!” like it’s a fun chasing game, when we’re not even running!

– He likes to pretend to be a robot, a dragon, and Chewy. The robot dramatization might be my favorite.

– Everything is a castle. We pass churches and he says, “Whoa! Look at that castle!” When we tell him it’s a church, he says, “Oh, a church castle.”

– When asked, he prefers to go by the name Jack Ryan.

– Until Disney, Jack always answered “ok” instead of saying yes. It was a little sad when he started saying yes because the ok thing was so cute.

Is it bad that there are so many other Jack-things, but I can’t remember them right now….whoops.

So, there’s that.

the end.

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  1. August 3, 2012 6:51 pm

    My child is confused. After looking at pic’s of Jack, Breeson says, “is that me?” 🙂 LOL Since they could be twins and all?!!?

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