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Randoms with Pictures

July 2, 2012

– Reid set up one of our Christmas presents from last year this weekend:

If it wasn’t rainy, Jack and I would be in it right now!

– Before Disney, I got my bangs trimmed really short. I always wear them to the side, but I was able to wear them like real bangs:

It reminded me too much of my eighth grade self and I couldn’t do it. Although, in eighth grade, I had cut them myself and they were about an inch long…

– Speaking of hair, I was so stuck on having long hair, until it hit me last week that I’m tired of blow drying my hair and fixing it. So, I had to have it cut off. ASAP. I could have waited for my appointment this week, but I didn’t…

This random hairdresser cut her finger while cutting my hair. Not a good sign. And she cut my hair DRY and straight across. I looked like this:

She couldn’t understand that I wanted a bob type of haircut, keeping most of the layers in the back. I was sweating and holding my hands so tightly. I couldn’t breathe the whole time. I almost walked out, but then I’d be stuck for a few days looking crazy. So, I let her finish it, but kept it long enough to get it fixed this week.

I want it a lot shorter. Also, it’s almost all one length, so it feels heavier than it did long and when it’s wavy, it poofs and looks like a triangle. LAME!

I’m getting it fixed tomorrow. But how embarrassing is it going to be to tell my hairdresser how I couldn’t wait three days, so yeah.

– For the longest time, my red kitchen was my favorite element in our house. Reid always said this was the last red kitchen I’d ever have because it was so tricky to paint and that always made me sad.

But now, I’m over it. Reid’s been over it for a while. So, it’s getting a makeover before the end of the year. We’re thinking gray/blue.

– Jack and I went to storytime at the library last week. It was about bugs, so I knew he’d love it.

Jack was really nervous at first and begged to go home. After a couple of songs, he asked to sit on the big carpet with the other kids. I was so proud!

After the story (or puppet show, really) and songs, there was craft and snack time.

More and more lately I’ve realized how much Jack’s going to love preschool in the Fall.

I need to make sure they have a music class/time. I think Jack and I had jam sessions everyday last week with his little music set.

– I’m tring to come up with new samples for Mildred & Madge, which means there’s fabric thrown all over the office floor.

the end.

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