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Disney: The clothing edition

June 25, 2012

We got back from Disney Saturday night and have been resting and taking naps ever since, trying to recover, ha! Between Reid’s mom and us, we have over 1600 pictures and videos. Out of control. In a good way.

Today’s post is dedicated to two things I love: Disney and children’s clothing.

We’ve been talking about this trip for about two years. And have had the trip booked for about a year.

This gave me plenty of time to be THAT mom with an outfit (or two) a day for Jack at Disney.


I made all the shirts (Reid’s mom stitched Carter’s shirt).


The shirt designs are vinyl decals by Miss Morgan.

Notice the shortness of Jack’s shirt. That’s what happens when you start making clothes in January and forget that your child might grow a little in 6 months.

Sunday night:

We ate at the Coral Reef in Epcot. Our theme became whales. I don’t have a picture to show Kilee’s coordinating dress. :/

Jack’s outfit is from eBay. Carter’s outfit was made by family friends.


This was Jack’s outfit for Chef Mickey’s. He ended up wearing it all day. This is at the end of the night, around 10:30 or so, so he was wiped out.

The shirt is from a sale on Smockadot’s Facebook page; the shorts are homemade.

Jack, again, coordinating with Kilee and Carter’s cute outfits.


This was for Hollywood Studios. Jack loves Mr. Potato Head, so when I found this at the consignment shop I worked at last year with his name already on it, it was a sign.

Tuesday night:

Most of you know this was Jack’s costume from Halloween last year. I made it big so it’d be sure to fit this Summer and it did! He got stopped a lot when we were walking around the park because he was so cute. I even had a woman ask to take his picture! My day was made!

Jack wore it to the Princess Dinner and the next morning for pictures at the castle.

Carter wore this cute outfit. The shirt is from Pixie Dust and Pirate Hooks, which is based in Alabaster!

And Kilee was Jasmine. 🙂


Animal Kingdom outfits; all decals are from Miss Morgan.

Wednesday night:

Dinner at Hollywood Studios.

It was rainy, so I didn’t get many pictures from this night.

All the kids wore shirts with decals of Mickey’s sorceror’s hat from Miss Morgan.


One of my favorites from the trip. This is one of those times where I completely copied someone else’s design, instead of buying it myself. But this was only for Jack; I’m not mass producing it or anything.

Thursday night:

I made this outfit after seeing several like it on Etsy and other places online.


Yet again, more vinyl by Miss Morgan.

Friday night:

Dinner at the Tusker House at the Animal Kingdom.


This was a leftover outfit that we used for the ride home.

We stayed at Port Orleans, so this was the greeter’s costume. It’s totally normal, even if it doesn’t seem that way in this picture.

the end.


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