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Day 5

April 26, 2012

Today was jam packed. I had a lot of work I wanted and needed to get done for Etsy orders.

I found a Starbucks gift card with money left on it (score!!), so Jack and I went real quick in the afternoon. He fell asleep on the way home, since he got up at 5:30! So, I just rolled the windows down in the garage and relaxed a little while he snored away.

I had a deadline I was trying to meet, so the boys had pizza for dinner. I had a couple bites.

By the time 7:30 rolled around, I knew if I didn’t go then to workout,that I wouldn’t…so, I put everything on hold and ran to the gym

I was only there for 45 minutes for the back and biceps workout.

I can feel every stitch of my back muscles. It’s not painful, I’m just aware of them.

The workout was a little boring. My mind was elsewhere and I lost count a lot of times.

But I did it and I felt stronger for it.

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to the gym tomorrow. I may have to figure out how to do the workout at home.

the end.

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