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A Confession and a Plan

April 22, 2012

Remember this post back in December when I tooted my own horn for reaching a certain goal weight?

Wells…I’ve gained some back. Not a lot, but enough that I can tell. And enough that pants that were comfy a month ago, are now too tight on my legs. Do I blame the drier? Sure. But, I know the truth.

I’ve struggled all year to really be focused and eating right for longer than two weeks at a time. And then, I got super stressed about two or three weeks ago and wasn’t sleeping, so the downward spiral started.

When I don’t sleep, I have no self-control. I eat whatever. And for that week of stress, I lived on chocolate and Vanilla Coke Zero. Among other bad food choices.

I’m not whining. I just know I’ve lost some control in this area. I’m not upset with myself. That’s life.

But, I know I can do better. And I know if I don’t do this NOW, I’ll regret it when I’m at Disney in June and uncomfortable in my clothes. And, then the beach. And anywhere. Etc Etc.

The plan:

a. No sugar
– I did it last Fall and I felt great. It took a few days and the cravings went away. I’m still not looking forward to this, though.

b. 1 diet soda a week
– I should probably have a real soda, but whatevs. I’m not cutting these out for good. I think one a week is a decent compromise.

c. No more “sneaking” junk food. A slice of Reid’s pizza here and there, some of Jack’s goldfish or leftover chicken nuggets.

d. Eat on plan with what I know works for my body.

e. New workout plan. Having the plan makes me more apt to stick to it, rather than simply saying workout.

The workout plan:

Jamie Eason’s LiveFit 12 Week program

I’m planning, at least for this week (as a trial period), to blog every day about my progress. Boring for y’all, accountability for me. Even if no one reads.

Today was Day 1 of Phase 1

There’s NO cardio in phase 1, which really freaks me out. I understand the concept of gaining muscle mass and how the program works, but it still freaks me out.

Today was chest and triceps.

After three back to back chest exercises, I was fried. Then came the triceps push ups. I hated every second of those. After every one of them, I’d yell a little.

The whole experience was relaxing, though, because I was out of the house all by myself. Had the radio turned to the Coffeehouse station. And I had 1 minute rest breaks between each set.

On the way home, my arms were shaking. I decided I wasn’t thirsty enough to make my arms suffer lifting my water bottle to my mouth.

Showering and putting on make-up was difficult. My arms felt like lead and would start shaking again!

Eating was ok. I went to a baby shower full of cupcakes and other goodies. I stuck with pretzels, humus, and carrots.

However, there’s a chocolate covered marshmallow egg on top of our refrigerator right now that is beckoning to me.

I need to push through the craving. So, I’m drinking warm lemon water and keeping busy with work.

Feel free to join me on this because misery loves company. 🙂

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