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How to Devastate a Three Year Old

April 21, 2012

Jack was eyeing the balloons at Noah’s 3rd birthday party today, so I asked if we could take one home with us. Win!

Jack was so happy with that balloon.

Then, while I was holding it and trying to buckle him in the car, it slipped away and floated into the sky.

And the sadness began.

I went back and got another one exactly like it.

Not the same.

I explained how cool it was that the balloon was in the clouds with the airplanes and birds and now more people could enjoy the balloon. He kind of bought it.

He brought it up when he want to bed tonight. And if I know Jack like I do, I will hear about this lost balloon for the next few weeks.

He’s been having nightmares about a computer chasing him. (Don’t ask because I have no clue where he got this or why a computer is chasing him.) I’m sure he’ll have nightmares tonight about Mommy losing his balloon.

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  1. PaPa permalink
    April 22, 2012 1:41 pm

    Now I want to cry.

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