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Pooping Presents

April 15, 2012

I’ve already crossed the line of talking about Jack’s peeing and pooping on here, so why not keep at it, right?

Jack still wasn’t pooping in the potty. He’d rather poop in his Batman underwear while we’re in fancy quilt shops and I have no extra clothes for him.

Last weekend, Reid’s Mom mentioned she would wrap up presents for Reid, when he was younger, and told him he’d get to open the present if he used the potty.

I wasn’t thrilled about this as an option for us, at first. But, desperation has set in and we’ll do about anything at this point.

Jack is a kid and kids love presents. Plus, Jack had birthday money.

So, Reid stocked up at Toys R Us last week and wrapped a big present and placed it on top of the refrigerator.

Jack noticed it in the morning and I explain the deal. He kept peeing in the potty like he was going to hurt himself, all in efforts to get this present. It was killing him!

That day went by and nothing happened.

And the next day, I was on the phone with Deena talking about this very thing and Jack walks in and tells me he pooped.

I didn’t believe him, at first. But, I saw the evidence and he stood next to the potty and pointed so proudly. And I went CRAZY. Like bananas crazy. And Jack’s all “calm down, and give me my present!!!!” Or, really, he just kept saying present.

So, he opened his present. I can’t show you the video because he didn’t have time to put his underwear and pants back on, haha!

It’s been three days in a row of Jack pooping in the potty and getting a present. At one point today, Jack went twice and didn’t even ask for anything.

And now, I shall no longer talk about poop here again. I hope.

the end.

PS: The other day, Jack was talking on his play phone. When he said “bye,” I asked who he’d been talking with for such a long time. His reply?

A worm.

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  1. April 16, 2012 7:42 am

    Potty training (or in this case Poop training) brings on an unexplainable excitement in parents! I think I scared Sam the first time he was successful I yelled so loud. Way to go Jack!

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