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Executive Decision

April 12, 2012

When I get busy, stressed, or need a minute I let Jack play with his “video game.” He doesn’t get it often, so he thinks it’s special when he gets it.

As much as I’ve looked forward to the spring festival this weekend, I’ve decided not to be a vendor. When I first decided to be a part of it, I thought it’d be a great way to get started with my Etsy sales. But, now, I’m busy with orders and haven’t had time to make everything I wanted for the festival.

Right now, I’m already running about 3-4 weeks on orders being processed, which is mind blowing and amazing. But, trying to add to it outside of Etsy isn’t a smart decision, for now.

I had a cute set up in my head, but maybe in the fall or around Christmas I can do a booth?

I’ve been crazy stressed this week, preparing for the weekend and working on current orders. It’s been a lot of late nights, tears, and chocolate. But, now I can breathe a little easier and keep moving forward with current orders. Although, I’m sad I won’t be there alongside my friends as they sell their items.

I do have a lot of new designs I want to get out there soon, so I’ll post those when they’re ready.

the end.

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