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April 10, 2012

– I’m not drinking real coffee, but somehow, Diet Vanilla Cokes have made their way back into my life. And this week is not a good week to quit them.

– My pre-Jack self would have died at the thought of dressing Jack in the outfit he wore this Easter. I already knew I wanted to dress him in something babyish, with this possibly being the last year I can get away with it. And when I found this at the thrift store ON SALE, I had to have it. He might be wearing it again soon, so I can get more pictures.

– As much as Jack and I can get on each other’s nerves, I do like having him to myself during the day. We play hide and go seek and this is how he always waits when I’m hiding.

– Speaking of which, I get more joy than I should out of jumping out and scaring him and seeing his little body jump when we play hide and go seek.

– I am slowly (and I mean slowly) accepting the fact that Jack no longer naps. He’s recently started having self-imposed rest time. He drags his pillow and blanket to the living room and requests old “nickey nouse” cartoons.

– I’ve talked myself out of doing the spring festival this weekend a million times, but I’m still going forward with it. I am purposely choosing to bite off more than I can chew, I think. Part of me thinks I’ll regret it if I don’t go ahead with it.

the end.

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