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Simple Updates

April 5, 2012

– Jack’s birthday was great. We now have a 3 year old running around our house and entertaining us. You can see pictures here.

– Jack got a train table for his birthday. It’s meant an extra hour of sleeping for me when he wakes up at 6am and I tell him to go play with his table and he happily agrees.

– On the subject of the train table, we moved it into his room earlier this week. Jack, leaning towards his OCD behavior, wasn’t happy and hasn’t touched it. He likes things to stay where they were originally put; he’s extremely particular. So, the table is now back in the living room. And we are THAT family who’s living room is filled with toys. And we are THAT family that doesn’t care.

– My insomnia has broken and now I’m tired. Or, at least, at 11 PM my body shuts down like it should. And I’m very thankful.

– We went to the airshow in Tuscaloosa last weekend. Pictures are here.

– Etsy has blown me away. I am overwhelmed, in good and bad ways, with orders. The fact that these women are trusting me with this keepsake gown and using it as a going home outfit from the hospital is so humbling.

I’ve had to really set a schedule on what needs to be done, what days. And in my two mere weeks on Etsy, I’ve learned A LOT of lessons the hard way. It’d make for a good blog post, but I’d have to censor it in case these customers are reading, so that’s no fun, right?

– I drink a chocolate banana oatmeal smoothie every single day. I tried one day not to have one, but I was sad without it. It’s cooked oatmeal, a banana, almond milk (or whatever milk), cocoa powder, and ice in a blender. A major breakfast in a cup.

– And that is all for now. I know posts can be boring w/o photos, but I’d rather not spend the time right now.

– Oh, Jack is still not napping. We have tried EVERYTHING. And, then, we end up crying. So, for you moms of little ones who still nap, please sit down and drink a cup of coffee and take a deep, quiet breath for me when your child naps for a couple hours.

Of all the times in my life when I’d need Jack to nap, it’d be now. But, in his defense, he’s been so sweet.

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