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Holy crap.

March 24, 2012

Those are the only words that come to mind when I think about Jack turning 3 on Tuesday.

And then, I start to cry.

I’ve been thinking about his birthday a lot, but leave it to me to forget to order his present til a couple days ago and it’s out of stock. We’ve looked everywhere online and it’s not sold in stores.

But, we found a replacement that’s close to the original present.

Today, we all went to Toys R’ Us to look around and pick out his present. It was really fun and we kept finding all these great things that Jack loved. I can see how easy it’d be to go overboard, but we stuck to our plan and budget and I paid for things while they hung out in the Star Wars and cars aisles.

Something about buying his presents made me so giddy. I’m absolutely so excited about his birthday and seeing him open his train set. And we even found a set of Matchbox cars that had a sweet pink ice cream truck! I never knew I’d be into boy toys, but it’s really fun.

All that to say, this shall be an emotional week. I can feel it coming.

So happy that we’ve all three survive three years. So happy Jack’s a healthy, strong little boy. Getting to have conversations with him is the best. Thrilled to see him learn new things everyday and hear him laugh at the smallest things.

And then, there’s the terror of the unknown of the “trying threes.” One of my best friends told me this week that three is a hard year and worse than the terrible twos. Jack’s terrible twos weren’t so terrible, but the closer we get to three, we’re starting to see a new side of him that’s not so pretty.

We can already tell he’s pushing the limits and seeing how far we’ll let him go. I see lots of spankings and time-outs in his future.

And tears that this will be the year Jack starts preschool. Holy crap. I can’t even handle it. The thought of my baby with a backpack and everything. I’m crying just thinking about it. Geez Louise.

Will there ever be a birthday for him that I don’t cry about something!?!?! Surely, this is normal. Other moms do this, too, right?

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