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March 17, 2012

By the time I put Jack in bed tonight(at six because he didn’t nap!), I was done with him.

Don’t act like you’ve never felt that way about your child. I know you have. Please say you have.

We took the paci completely away this week and it’s been fine.

Or so we thought.

Jack napped once this week. He didn’t ask for his paci, he just refused and after fighting for an hour or so, I give up and let him stay up.

Roger has been kicked to the curb. Maybe he just went so well with his paci or he reminds him of the good ol’ paci days. Not sure, but Roger is never asked for and stays in bed all day.

And Jack has decided he doesn’t like to potty. And that’s only been since the paci taken away day.

Yesterday, while shopping at a fancy fabric shop…Jack pees all over the CARPETED floor. Like, not just a little. A LOT. The floodgates opened and he couldn’t stop it.

I was mortified.

The women there were so nice about it and helped me take care of things. Jack wore a pull-up and a t-shirt while I picked out fabric. Classy.

Today, while at a different fabric shop, Jack actually wanted to go potty. Yay! So, we went, we finished and came back out.

A few minutes later, I smell poop as my kid’s running around the store.

Ohhhh, the shame.

So, I took him to the bathroom and cleaned him up. We had to toss the undies, they were pretty bad off and I had no way of getting them home. And I used my emergency pull-up yesterday. So Jack went commando.

We still had to go to Wal-Mart and I wasn’t going to let Jack’s underwear-less situation mess that up because I just wanted it over with so we could go home.

Wal-Mart was scary, as always, since it’s Saturday.

Jack decided everythings “sooo cute” and puts it all in our cart. Who is this kid? He never does this.

Then, the unthinkable happens. While I’m looking at something, I realize Jack’s standing up in the cart with his pants down. Full on nudity up in Wal-Marts.

And he refused to pull his pants up. So, I took him to the bathroom and fixed that situation.

I need to mention Jack didn’t nap and it was late afternoon, so he was grumpy, grumpy. And by grumpy, I mean he was mean and rude.

Reid said he could tell it wasn’t good when we pulled up at home because Jack had this look on his face like he was in trouble.

Add all this to Jack’s attitude lately. Jack’s started yelling “NO WAY!” to us a lot recently and I’ve had enough.

Trying to teach an almost three year old respect and anger management is a little tricky.

Also, could a lot of this be Jack regressing and lashing out over the paci? He does keep telling us he’s a baby, since we tell him babies have pacis, but he’s a big boy.

And I’m not sleeping lately. I’ve barely slept this week. Last night, I stayed up til 4am, and even then, I had a hard time falling asleep. And now, I’m not tired and it’s almost midnight. I’m physically tired and can feel my body aching, but my mind is fully alert.


On a brighter note, all this insomnia is bringing me closer to completed projects and samples for Etsy. Boom.

the end.

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  1. amymezzell permalink
    March 18, 2012 1:06 pm

    I am so sorry you’ve had a “crappy” week – tee hee. Sorry. However, I loved reading this post for entertainment! I read it out loud to Brian because I was laughing out loud, but then he said “Ugh, I am not looking forward to that stage.” I think you’re an awesome mom doing a great job!

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