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Checking In

March 14, 2012

Big news! And no, I am not pregnant. And when if I do get pregnant, don’t worry—I’ll be sure to shout it from the rooftops for the world to know. 🙂

I’m finally opening a shop on Etsy! Hopefully, things will be ready by the end of next weekend.

I’ve put it off, but have suddenly been inspired. I will say, though, that it helps having encouraging friends. Especially friends that are more creative than you and challenge you creatively.

I’m a little terrified. What if I never find a logo I like? What if people hate my stuff? What if people just think I’m a copycat? What if someone buys my stuff and it falls apart when they wash it?

For now, I’m furiously working on samples, logos, and samples.

In other huge news. Like, this is major.

Jack Ryan Davis no longer has a paci.

We’ve been putting this off like the plague, but homeboy is almost 3 and it’s time.

He’s so super attached, so it’s been hard.

At least, yesterday was hard.

We chose a baby friend to “mail” them to. Crosby is the lucky winner. (Jessica, Jack chose Crosby! It was really sweet!)

Last paci picture. (Don’t you love the un-done bed??? We still haven’t decided on bedding for him…)

Jack happily put in one paci. Then, when I put the others in, he freaked out. He didn’t realize all of them were going.

So, he cried and cried and I held him and cried, too.

There was no napping yesterday. Just screaming “paci paci pppppaaaccciiii.”

He keeps telling me he’s a baby, since I tell him that he’s a big boy and only babies need pacis.

He did ok last night and has only asked for a paci twice today.

Jack is so into Star Wars right now, so Reid’s been letting him have some things from his stash in the attic.

This was gross. You soak the bag in water, then open it to dig our creatures from the green slime.

Jack really liked it, so it was a win.

the end.

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  1. March 15, 2012 11:05 am

    woo hoo!! So excited about your Etsy shop. It’s gonna be great. I think you’ll be surprised at how busy you’ll get w/ orders coming in. Can’t wait…

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