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Cake and Shirts

March 10, 2012

I may not be going all out with decor for Jack’s birthday this year, but there will be cake and some kind of birthday shirt. Cake because I’m over cupcakes, for now, and I can’t let Jack turn 3 without cake.

And a birthday shirt because I’m weird like that.

Jack has told me he wants an airplane train cake.

Which means, he’ll be getting a train cake.

Well, Google “train cakes” and let your head spin.

After researching how to get one of these elaborate cakes, I calmed down and had to remind myself Jack will be 3. It will be his grandparents and his aunt at the party. This does NOT matter.

For a short bit, I contemplated making a small round white cake, very plain jane, and ordering a fondant train to go on top:



Very simple, clean, and classic. And crazy cute.

But, in the eyes of a three year old, how much cooler would an all out colorful train cake from Wal-Mart look? I mean, come on.

I’ll probably be ordering a train cake from Wal-Mart, but get them to leave off the Thomas the Train parts and put a couple of Jack’s wooden trains (that he’s getting for his birthday) on there, instead.

And shirt.

I love children’s clothing. I like personalized things. You guys know this. I’ve found a few shirts I really like, all from Etsy.

Most of the shirts I like are around $25! And I’ve thought of a couple designs I could make myself that would be cheap considering I already have blank shirts, fabric, and thread.

But, he has a train shirt from last Summer that still fits and is really cute.

So, again, I have to remind myself to relax and remember it’s not a big deal. No one, but me, cares!

The official birthday decor will be navy, green, and light blue balloons everywhere. Jack’s birthday banner from his 1st birthday. And that’s it. Done and done! šŸ™‚

And the official menu will be spaghetti (Jack’s favorite meal) and cake.

the end.

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