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Pictures from the Week

March 3, 2012

– This is how long I let Jack’s hair get before I finally broke down and decided it’d be cuter trimmed.

I made sure the hairdresser kept it long, though. In the past, his hair ends up super short and it makes him look older and we can’t have that.

– I love the look of fresh vegetables.

– When it’s cold or raining outside, I move the cars out of the garage and let Jack drive around while I clean. He likes to eat and drive.

– When it’s 80 degrees and sunny outside, I let him play with sand and water, while I open the door and clean the kitchen floor. Then, he tracks in sand and I realize I’m an idiot.

– My Mom and I took Jack to pick out his cupcake for pooping in the potty. He wanted one of everything.

– Fabric shops that have train sets for kids to play with have a special place in my heart.

– I finished Catching Fire, the second of The Hunger Games books, in a little over 24 hours. It took two late nights and one nap time. I may have liked it more than the first book.

the end.

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