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Mid-Week Randoms

February 22, 2012

– Picking out a new dishwasher isn’t as fun as I thought it’d be. BUT, don’t think I won’t be doing a crazy happy dance when it’s all installed and we have a quiet dishwasher and the dishes actually come out clean.

–Our current dishwasher is a piece of crap. Never so much have I loathed an appliance. I envision myself taking it to our backyard once it’s taken out from the kitchen and going all Office Space on it.

– It’s consignment sale season! I went to two last Friday, one of which is my favorite. I loaded up with lots of things, but by the time I went through it all, I put everything but one shirt back. They just weren’t worth it. I did find lots of jon jons in Jack’s size, which is so tempting, but I’m trying to let it go since he’ll be three soon.

– I can’t get enough of Pandora’s Michael Buble station. Frank Sinatra playing while I do things around the house makes everything better.

– Jack’s my backseat driver lately, telling me what color the lights are and if I can go or not.

– I’m ready for summer dresses.

– Jack will be three in a little over a month. I didn’t think I’d cry this year over another birthday, but I was wrong.

– I have a list of other things I need to do this afternoon, so I should go.

the end.

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