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Fabric Management

February 20, 2012

A bookshelf of baskets full of fabric pieces has been looming over me for a while.

Anytime I need a certain color or style, I’m having to dig through all the baskets and end up making a bigger mess.

Saturday seemed like a good time to fix it and get organized.

First, I had to rearrange books so I could have more shelves.

And dump out all the baskets.

Before I knew it, I was surrounded by piles.

I searched “fabric organization” on Pinterest and it made me sad. All these elaborate sewing rooms made me jealous. And all their fabric looked so pretty and perfect. So, I stopped doing that and kept making piles, until I could figure out how I needed to organize it.

I ended up doing by color scheme. So, it’s colors, but also, large pieces of solids and prints, a little bin for car print fabrics, a little bin of Christmas fabric pieces, a bowl of tiny scraps, and pieces hanging in the closet that will be used for Jack’s summer clothes.

The basket on the top shelf is for odds and ends of sewing supplies and current projects. The box on the bottom shelf is full of embroidery thread.

I made a couple of shirts for Jack yesterday and this system is already proving itself worth the effort; I was able to pick out the pieces in no time.

Oddly enough, my fabric stash isn’t as big as I thought it was, now that it’s not all wadded up. Soooo, that’s an excuse to buy more fabric, right?

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  1. February 20, 2012 9:20 pm

    I love that you used the serving tray and bowl for some of your fabrics:)

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