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February 15, 2012

Reid and I aren’t Valentine’s Day type people, but I know we’ll celebrate a little more, or at least, I will, with Jack getting older. It’s fun to make it a fun day for him.

Jack got a little note in the mail from Reid’s Grandmother, along with $2 for candy. I thought it was so sweet. Jack picked out “chocolate treats” because he’s my child.

He, also, got cards in the mail from both sets of grandparents. He was very excited!

He got a little money in one, so I took him to Target to pick out a present.

Little did I know, it would be crazy.

Jack loves everything. Cars, trucks, bugs, markers, planes, buses, Star Wars, etc etc. So, going aisle by aisle was overwhelming for both of us.

I wanted to make sure he got something he’d really play with and enjoy for a while. We almost left Target with a giant Magnadoodle, but we left and went to Wal-Mart in search of a perfect remote control car.

I spotted this amazing remote control police car. I was on the phone with Reid trying to make sure this would be good for Jack and Jack’s fallen in love with a different police car and crying over it.

I made an executive decision and we left with the remote control car.

The car says ages 8 and up. Whatever. Jack can’t turn corners with it, but he does just fine and says he loves it. However, waking up to the blue blinking lights and the siren was not my favorite way to start today, ha!

On the way out, Jack got to ride the little carousel machine. When it turned off, he told me it was “Mommy’s turned to ride.” Very sweet!

Jack plays this game with me where I ask him if he loves mommy and he dies laughing and says “NOOOO!!!” But, he will admit to loving Chewy. So, I guess Chewy was his valentine this year.

the end.

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