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Coffee Update

February 12, 2012

I posted a little bit ago about giving up coffee, so I figured I might as well do an update.

I haven’t had any regular coffee for two weeks.

It hasn’t been a huge temptation since we only have instant coffee at home, right now. I haven’t had to smell a fresh pot, so that’s helped.

I did have a cup of decaf this past week and it wasn’t too great. It made me think I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would. Or maybe I had a bad cup. I miss the idea of it– holding a warm cup of coffee is comforting to me.

I have had caffeine-free Coke at a party. And, I had a Dr. Pepper 10 this week- caffeine and all. I didn’t drink all of it, but it was so good. I didn’t get a high from it like I thought I might; I mainly got a headache.

Even though it’s freezing, I’ve been craving blended coffee drinks. A raspberry mocha frappaccino (lite w/ soy) sounds amazing right now.

I’ve proven to myself that I can do it, so I’m over that aspect of it. I do miss coffee and miss some things about it, especially when Jack has a rough night and morning comes and I have to function.

But, as long as I keep my diet clean (which I don’t always do!), I feel pretty good and can be ok without it.

AND, not feeling like death in the mornings and feeling more even with my emotions, overall, is a good enough trade-off.

I’m not setting a timeline on this and, again, I’m not anti-coffee. I may allow myself a little half caf from time to time, not sure. For now, I’ll just keep going while I feel good about it.

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