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February 9, 2012

There’s so much about Jack at this very age, a month before he turns three, that I don’t want to forget…

– Jack still weighs in at 25 pounds! He’s been stuck there for a few months, but he’s getting taller. He wears size 2 pants, as long as the adjustable band is all the way tight. And size 24 months t-shirts fit him best!

– Some of his favorite foods: cookies, grapes, broccoli, spaghetti, tomatoes, and animal crackers. He prefers pasta lunches over PB&Js.

– He speaks about himself in the 3rd person. “Look, Jack, an ambulance!” “Jack cookie monster!” “Jack all done.”

– He’s just now switching over to calling me “Mommy.” I’ll miss the days when he called me “Mommies.”

– When he’s trying to get Reid’s attention and calling “Daddy” doesn’t work, you’ll hear Jack yelling “Reeeeiiiidd!!! Reid! Reid!”

– We built this castle. I told him it was Cinderella’s Castle. He told me it was Papa’s house.

– Jack’s still obsessed with Christmas trees.

– While exchanging something at Toys R’ Us yesterday, he exclaimed “R2D2” while going down the Star Wars aisle. Pretty impressive. He loves his Star Wars spaceships (that were Reid’s) and his “Star Wars bed,” which are just Star Wars sheets on his bed.

– His favorite game right now is hide the bugs, which sounds like “hide da bugs.” We all take turns hiding plastic bugs in the living room, then use a flashlight and fake magnifying glass and search them out. Even if Jack hid them, he exclaims like it’s a big surprise when we find one. Grasshopper is pronounced “grasshopper-per.”

– Being a boy, bodily functions are funny. He has to announce anytime anyone poots. “Jack poots.” Thanks for letting us know, Jack. Oh, and anytime he has a booger, it’s a big deal and you must deal with it ASAP.

– His favorite shows, right now, are Calliou, Blue’s Clues and Super Why.

– Jack knows all his letters and has started pointing out letters he recognizes when we’re out and about. However, he doesn’t know the alphabet in order. He is working on numbers, but the more numbers we add on, the worse he gets. “Ready, set. 1, 2, 3, 6!”

– The closer we’re getting to age three, the more attitude and hyperness come out. He’s been pretty laid back until recently. Now, he likes to jump around, run around in circles, shake his head all around, yell, etc. And then, there’s this sassy attitude. I think the thing that endangers his life the most is when he is deliberately ignoring me. It makes me want to slap him! Let’s just say, he’s been testing his boundaries lately.

– All that to say, we’ve almost survived the terrible twos, which really weren’t that terrible. BUT, the trying threes might give us a run for our money, ha!

– We might turn his doorknob around soon so we can lock his door and he can’t get out. Before you call child services, it’s only for bedtime that we’d use this. He likes to sneak out of his room, lay on the floor in the hallway and cover his head so we won’t see him. Then, we put him back in bed and he gets out again. Over and over.

– He’s a chatterbox in the car, unless he’s really tired. He likes to point out tractors, yellow cars, buses, trains, big trucks, the color of the traffic lights and what they mean. He’s like this in the grocery store, too, except he likes to point out babies and point at random people and ask who they are and what are they doing.

– I’m learning that he responds well to knowing what’s coming, like telling him after we eat lunch, it’ll be nap time. Or, we’re about to go in this store and you’re going to stay in the cart the entire time and not yell.

– Hugs and kisses are his favorite things. When Chewy come in from being outside, Jack runs to him and yells “hugs!” and lies on top of him to hug him, then gives him a kiss. Jack likes to kiss us on the cheek, but look out, he’s a licker.

– M&Ms and Skittles are his potty treats. So, when we pass them in the store, he yells “Look! Potty treats!” for all to hear. And he likes to tell the cashier what they are when we buy them.

– Jack has his down moments, but most of the time I just want to squeeze him because he’s so cute and funny. And when he’s so good at the fabric store.

the end.

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  1. February 9, 2012 10:51 am

    high five, jack!

  2. Rita permalink
    February 9, 2012 3:13 pm

    I loved this blog!! What a great way to chronicle Jack’s life!!! Oh yeah, is that a new little duck????? Love y’all

  3. February 9, 2012 8:24 pm

    Your little man sounds so much like my little man! Mine just turned three in December. I’m going to have to try the bug hiding game.

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