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When You Wish Upon a Star

January 28, 2012

During my first trip to Disney in 2008, I remember walking around Magic Kingdom with Reid and discussing how we’d never take our kids to Disney until they were 7 or 8, or at least, old enough to full experience and remember it.

Then, we had Jack.

And it all changed.

Reid and I were ridiculously lucky to go back to Disney by ourselves when Jack was 8 months old.

I remember crying while we watched the fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle. I was emotional because I was sleep deprived since Jack wasn’t sleeping through the night yet, and we were so far away from him and would be for a week. BUT, also, because I couldn’t wait to bring Jack and experience the magic with him.

So, we’ll be going to Disney this Summer. And I CANNOT wait. It really is my happy place. And to be able to take Jack is absolutely thrilling.

It won’t be just the three of us. It’ll be us, Reid’s parents, and Reid’s sister and her family.

Last time we all went together, Kilee and Carter were mere babes at 2 and a half and 9 months old.

I, actually, had someone this week tell me I’m crazy and that I’m going to regret taking Jack this young, emphasizing how miserable we’re going to be.

Yes, I realize we’ll be a part of this crowd:

And yeah, we may be crazy. But, I won’t regret this, at all.

To those naysayers, I say, it’s our decision. Sure, Jack will have meltdowns and might get too tired. But guess what? He’d have meltdowns if we were at home. You just deal with it. And the stroller situation doesn’t scare me- we’re down with taking the umbrella stroller. It’s not that hard to get on and off the buses with it.

And we might miss out on some things and not get around as fast, but we know this. Last time we were in Disney, we lived it up, knowing next time we go, it won’t be about us as much, ha! I’ll just be happy to be there.

To us, this is a major deal. We couldn’t be more excited to take Jack.

This will be my face (times TEN!) when we walk into the Magic Kingdom with Jack:

And to Reid’s dismay, I am THAT person that is planning all of Jack’s outfits for everyday.

I’m going to enjoy myself with it because next time we go to Disney, there’s no way Jack would wear this stuff. Plus, we’re slowly getting to the plain shorts and a t-shirt phase, and I’m going to milk this as long as I can.

I’m having a hard time narrowing down which outfits I’m going to make/order. Most of them, I’ll make because it’s cheaper.

As you can see, I have an addiction. I bet if Jack was a girl, no one would say a word about me planning and making his outfits, ha!

This will probably be the only main post, before we go, about this trip. I don’t want to be overkill about it (sorry for those following me on Pinterest!).

So, the end.

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  1. January 29, 2012 5:18 pm

    I am just going to hide in your suitcase…shhh! Don’t tell!

  2. cammie permalink
    January 30, 2012 9:17 pm

    I am the CRAZY person that went with a 2 year old and 9 month old. I do not regret it a bit. In fact, I’m kind of sad because Kilee won’t be a “baby” this time and I think Carter will be too grown up too. Enjoy it all!!!! I can not wait.

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