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Street Happenings

January 23, 2012

Yesterday and today are a blur.

I got up with Jack yesterday morning since it was Reid’s turn to sleep in. When Reid got up, I went back to bed for a really long nap and stayed in bed most of the day. I was nauseous and starving. Not a good combo. Also, a combo that screams, “holy crap, grab a pregnancy test.”

No pregnancy. Just sickness. I get this way every so often with this birth control.

I’m just glad Reid was home to take care of me and entertain Jack while I watched Hulu while zoning in and out.

By late last night, I was feeling better.

Today, I picked up the pace and did some housework Reid and I have both been putting off–mainly the nasty kitchen floor. Between my messy cooking and Jack’s messy eating, it doesn’t stay clean long.

Today was so warm, Jack and I both wore shorts. And I turned on the air conditioner.

We met Reid at the driveway when he got home from work.

We went on a walk down the street. I walked, Reid pushed and led Jack slowly.

This picture is how I will remember Jack at this age, always jibber jabbering away.

We’ve lived in this house for fourish years and we don’t know many of our neighbors. Sad, I know.

There’s a cul-de-sac at the end of our street that is normally filled with kids. This afternoon was no different. They’re all older than Jack, but now he’s probably able to hang with them better than he would have before.

Jack wanted to go down there to see all the other kids tonight, so we followed his lead.

Most of the kids’ parents were out, too, and started talking with us. They’re all very friendly.

While weeding through the awkward, “Did y’all just move in?” “No, we’ve lived her for four years” conversation, we were starting to have real conversation.

Then, it happened.

Jack was standing in the street, squealing and laughing at the bigger boys zoom around on their bikes.

Then, one of the bigger boys on a bike didn’t swerve in time and side swiped Jack, knocking him to the ground.

Not knocking him on his booty, but he went total body straight to the ground.

Jack was screaming, of course, and we’re all gathered around him, trying to calm him down and figure out where all he was hurt.

He had a scraped elbow, a cut in between his eyes, and a cut right beside his eye. It took me a while to realize his eye wasn’t cut, which was my fear.

It was just so overwhelming. Trying to be brave in front of your son and not cry with him, all while these neighbors you just met are concerned and trying to get him calm, too. Oh, and trying to make sure the boy that hit him didn’t feel bad because it was just an accident.

Jack screamed while the neighbors dog did tricks for him, and even while a neighbor showed off his police car lights to him. And that’s huge; Jack is obsessed with police cars.

So, we scurried home to clean him up and get him calm. He cried the entire walk back home. Not cried, wailed.

It took a good while to calm him down.

Then later, while we were playing blocks, Jack told Reid he was sorry. And Reid asked him why and Jack pointed at his hurt head, telling us he was sorry he got hurt.

I shrugged it off, trying not to be emotional, and reassured Jack we weren’t upset with him and he had no reason to apologize, but seriously, it made me so sad that he thought he needed to apologize.

Jack’s not badly hurt, but it was a weird event, overall. Reid, in true Reid fashion, said this is what we get for trying to be social. He was kidding. (Maybe?)

Maybe tomorrow will go better when Jack and I go to the neighbor’s house to return their boo-boo bunny they graciously let us borrow.

the end.

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