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Movie Reviews

January 18, 2012

I don’t like to go in-depth with these. And don’t take me too seriously. This is for Casey.

Oh, and there were pictures for each movie, but as part of the SOPA Strike, I’m not posting them. (Plus, I tried, and they wouldn’t let me…point made.)

1. Midnight in Paris
I thought this was going to be a romantic comedy, meaning Rachel McAdams (my major girl crush) and Owen Wilson fall in love. WRONG. I’m not usually a fan of Woody Allen movies, but I liked the light feel of this movie. And I laughed and thought it was charming.

2. Win Win
Loved it! I probably won’t watch it again, but the whole movie was great. I felt like I knew the characters and was rooting for the right ones to win. Very good story, too.

3. Moneyball
Jonah Hill gives me the creeps, but I was able to get past that and realize how good he was in this movie. Who knew he could act when he wasn’t talking nasty and acting like an idiot?! I really enjoyed this movie, there was a lot of depth. And again, I was rooting for the team, so when that happens, you know it’s good.

4. Meek’s Cutoff
Reid enjoyed this movie more than I did. I kept thinking, “Can these people please find some darn water so I can get on with my life!? For the love!” And then it just ends. Not my cup of tea. BUT, I will say, the movie was beautiful and well-done, but I was really bored.

5. The Tree of Life
After about 20 minutes of random earth images and pleading, in my mind, for Brad Pitt to show back up on the screen, I almost called it quits on this one. But, I kept going. And I’m so glad I did. It was a little hard to watch at times. It made me not want to be a parent. And not want to have boys. (Encouraging, eh?) The acting was superb, even the youngest of actors. There were some things lacking, but overall, it was good. throughout the movie, the characters are whispering prayers to God, while we see the universe and all he created; putting into perspective that when we talk to God, we’re talking to the creator of the whole universe.

6. Hanna
I thought this movie was pretty kick ass. I liked all the action and the story. Until, the end. Oh, and Reid had to explain to me that it was playing off of Red Riding Hood; I had no idea. I don’t think Reid liked this movie as much as I did.

7. Cedar Rapids
Oh, Ed Helms. It was good to see him in something other than The Office. I thought it was ok. I laughed, but didn’t like everything in it. I did like the community feel near the end.

8. Sourcecode
The end made no sense, as far as it wasn’t realistic in the world they had created. However, I really liked this movie. Or maybe I just liked watching Jake Gyllenhaal. I’m not sure. Reid wasn’t a fan, saying it was too much like Deja Vu.

9. Carnage
I knew nothing about this movie going into it. I joked part way through it that they’d never leave the apartment the whole movie. And they never did. The acting, oh the acting. All four actors are extremely talented. I really enjoyed this movie. Although, come to think of it, Kate Winslet throwing up on screen isn’t my favorite, but it was really funny.

I’m not sure how many movies we’ll be watching in the next few days; I started reading The Hunger Games and have to force myself to do other things, like shower, feed Jack, etc. instead of reading.

the end.

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