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Friday Fun Day

January 13, 2012

Photos from the week:

Reid and I watched two movies in one night because I got so excited that these two brand new (nominated) movies were both at the RedBox and got them without thinking, Oh yeah, we’ll have to watch these in one night because they’re due tomorrow.

I’ll do my version of movie reviews this weekend.

It finally got cold again. Jack can’t leave the house without his shades or his hat. And when we can’t find them when we’re in a rush to leave, well, it’s not pretty.

My mad Play-Doh skills.

We play Play-Doh in our pjs a lot.

Jack requests that I make Christmas trees, stars, and ornaments every time we get the Play-Doh out. He loves Christmas trees.

I had clients cancel last night (sickness, tired, etc). They must have known this was the workout I had waiting on them.

Pictures from last week, using the real camera:

Jack’s really into wooden blocks/trains lately.

And lastly, a funny video. Funny and sad.

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