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Our Year In Review

December 31, 2011

Not exhaustive, by any means, but this was fun to put together to look back and realize we had a good year.

And really, not everything is here. Some are too personal to share with the world. And some aren’t worth reviewing in detail. And it’s just too long already.


Jack started playing dress up.

I helped plan a baby shower for Samantha and Baby Zoe.


Jack got his first haircut.

I made my first pair of shorts, with help, of course.

I got to help plan a baby shower for Annie, Reid’s cousin, and Baby Hadlee.

And the biggest highlight of March would be Jack turning TWO.

We felt like real adults when we got new grown up furniture for our room.

My grandfather passed away and Jack and I traveled to Louisiana to celebrate his life.

It was a perspective changing trip for me (in a good way), learning more about my family and appreciating where I come from.

A sewing machine, which I’m still using, was loaned to me.

We took our first trip just the three of us to Chattanooga to celebrate Jack’s birthday.

Jack and I visited my family for Memorial Day.

A Matchbox car obsession began.

I made my first skirt for myself and actually wore it in public without embarrassment.

Jack had his first visit to the emergency room.

Reid and I saw the final Harry Potter.

Jack’s love to show/give physical affection started.

We took a beach trip, just the three of us, and celebrated Reid’s birthday.

Jack had his first big accident the day after we returned from the beach.

I went to the Atlanta American Doll Store for the first time to celebrate our niece’s birthday.

I sold my first gown!

Reid learned how to work on our cars.

I made a lot of things that month.

Jack and I went to Daphne to celebrate my sister’s 13th birthday.

After tears, cussing, and giving up several times, I made Jack’s Halloween costume.

Jack showed more and more interest in helping me cook.

We spent Thanksgiving with the cousins.

We celebrated Christmas with both of our families and celebrated my birthday.

We made it our goal to do more this year together and to take trips just the three of us and we accomplished that!

2012 is already shaping up to be good–I’m starting back as a personal trainer, we’re going to the circus in January, I’m going to see WICKED in February, and we’re going to Disney in June. Jack will start 3 year old pre-school in the fall. Jack will not wear diapers, except Pull-Ups to bed. And the paci will be forever gone by June, at the latest.

I’m excited for our family and all that 2012 will bring with it.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Nana permalink
    January 2, 2012 7:35 pm

    I enjoyed reading your 2011 review. Thanks so much for blogging. It really helps me keep up with all of Jack’s “doings” and ya’ll too.

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