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My New Friend–Printable Fabric

December 17, 2011

* I normally don’t post any pictures of presents before I give them, but I’m making an exception here.

Our niece, Kilee, is way into American Doll things and has circled everything in the catalog that she doesn’t already have so Santa will know what to bring her.

I saw a vendor selling matching heat pressed shirts for girls and their dolls and I knew immediately that I had to get them for Kilee. (I’d show you a picture, but seriously, I copied it EXACTLY, so I feel posting it would be strange and awkward…)

The total would have been around $40, but I found a way to make them cheaper, by using a local woman who does them in her house for cheap, cheap. We’re talking $5 if you bring her the shirt yourself, $13 if you supply the shirt.

I ordered the doll shirt online from an Etsy seller on November 27th and STILL have not received this shirt and its way too late for monogram/heat press orders.

So, I decided to do it myself.

I bought Printable Fabric from Wal-Marts. Less than $8.

Then, made my design and printed them with a regular printer. Then, you can either stitch or iron it on. So addictively and ridiculously easy.

My end result:

I printed several sizes for the doll shirt for whenever it arrives because I have no idea which will fit.

I immediately designed a shirt for Jack, using digital clip art bought off of

I, also, e-mailed these two designs to my sister-in-law for Kilee and Carter to wear.

I’m willing to bet that Carter will be wearing the naughty shirt, considering we were all surprised to learn he’s on the nice list, according to Santa’s letter.

Before you say “Poor, Carter” for having to wear the naughty shirt, here’s a picture of him from earlier this week:

He decided to color himself. And this isn’t the first time, ha!

All this to say, Printable Fabric is amazing and I love it.

the end.

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  1. Cammie permalink
    December 19, 2011 12:15 pm

    Oh my stinkin goodness!!!!! What a perfect gift. I can not wait for her to see this. I got a message from the t shirt lady and she said they were on their way. I hope yours is too! And as for Carter – he seriously needs the naughty shirt and will post it as soon as he wears it. Hmmm….disney shirts???

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