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The Pacific

December 15, 2011

We haven’t watched many Christmas movies, yet. Although, the three of us did watch The Polar Express earlier this week and Jack didn’t move during the entire movie. That’s HUGE. Then, Jack and I watched it 4 times the next morning, I kid you not. And every time I teared up at the very end. Darn you, Polar Express.

Reid and I have been busy watching The Pacific at night.

I wasn’t a fan after the first episode. I thought it lacked a storyline, character development, details of why they were there, and what was going on. It was so jumbled. But, we kept watching. And it slowly got better.

By the end of the series, I was invested in the characters and cried during most of the last episode, giving a re-cap of the Marine’s lives once they returned home.

The series was brutal and I get a little sick thinking about it. But, I think that’s a good thing. For the makers to be able to bring the war to life and give meappreciation for what our men went through is amazing.

It, also, makes me wonder what my grandfather, and other family members who fought in past wars, experienced and how they coped with returning home. In all honesty, I may not want to know because I don’t know if I could handle it. I just know that I’m thankful.

PS: During the credits, it stated that one of the main Marines featured lives in a small town outside of Mobile. After some Googling, I found out he lives less than 5 miles from my parents’ house!!! The stalker inside me wants to at least drive by his house while we’re there. Reid suggested leaving him a present, but that might be too much, right? I feel there’s a line we might be crossing.

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