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The Catch Up Post

December 9, 2011

– We went to our local town’s tree lighting on December 1st. Reid and I went when we first moved here, but haven’t been back since til now. It’s ice skaters, school choirs, drawn out speeches from the town officials, and Santa.

I keep saying no to Jack playing hockey when he’s a little older, but this changed my mind. It was so cute to see all these little boys slide around on the ice.

I can’t wait for Jack to take ice skating lessons!

This was right before we left early. I made us stay because I came to see figure skaters and we weren’t leaving til we saw them.

I was hoping we’d get to visit with Santa, too, but it was bed time. Maybe Jack will enjoy it more next year.

– Jack did this project last week.

You stick spaghetti noodles in Play-Doh and let the kids stack Cheerios on it. I didn’t mind it getting crazy because our Play-Doh was dried out and gross.

– Jack’s been wearing his Christmas outfits. I’m making these red shoes last just through the month. Then, they need to retire because they’re too small.

– We’re doing family pictures soon. A family friend that did our wedding and engagement photos are doing them and I’m so excited! It’s a birthday present to me, ha! I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect outfit(s) for us because the last time we did real pictures, besides the wedding and getting Lori to take maternity pics (which I love!), was our engagement pictures. I was 35 pounds heavier and had no style.

Want proof?

Let’s not comment on this photo, ok? This belongs on an awkward family photos site somewhere.

We did get some good pictures that day, though. And I’m glad we have those photos to document us at that time.

This time around, I really want us to wear bold colors. I’m leaning towards a yellow skirt with a navy top. We’ll see.

– Back to Play-Doh. The old, dried up Play-Doh got thrown away. I didn’t feel bad because I hear from a reliable source he’s getting a new set of colors and tools for Christmas. But, then, our babysitter sent me a picture of Jack playing with their Play-Doh and he was so happy. So, I bought just a couple colors. We played with it for an hour yesterday!

I really thought Jack would sit and play at the table while I cleaned the kitchen. Not so. He kept telling me to sit. So, really, he got me out of cleaning the kitchen, right?

I made a lot of Christmas trees because they’re his favorite.

I love this photo. Looks like he’s thinking hard.

– We had our work Christmas party last night. My boss treated us all to manicures and pedicures! She, also, had lots of *adult* drinks and Zoe’s Kitchen for us!

I haven’t had a pedicure since I was pregnant.

It was heavenly–the massage chair, Christmas tree, Christmas music playing in the background, food, gossip magazines, a foot and hand massage.

I made the official decision last night that I will be getting a pedicure every December in celebration of my birthday month.

– And lastly, I got an upgraded wedding band.

I lost my wedding band a few weeks ago when it flew off in the car while I was buckling up. (I’m avoiding getting my rings sized.) I have dug and dug for that ring and can’t find it. So, I found this at Forever21 for $4 and now I’m married again.

I’m off this weekend and we have Christmasy plans.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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