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Today’s Things

November 22, 2011

– I went to Wal-Mart TWICE today. Because I like to torture myself. Not only is it two days before Thanksgiving, but people were freaked out over the weather, so it was madness. People scare me.

– Deena saved the day by bringing me an onion because I was a little crushed when I realized I forgot one. That’s not the only reason she came over, but the onion helped.

– I accidently doubled the recipe for hashbrown casserole tonight and now have way too much in my house. And I smell like onions.

– Jack fell asleep on the way home from Wal-Mart (1st trip) around 4ish and I put him in bed, thinking he’d sleep a couple hours. He never woke up. It kind of freaks me out. He didn’t even eat dinner! He’s going to wake up starving.

– If Jack wakes up at 4am because he went to bed so early, I might cry.

– Reid downloaded the new Michael Buble’ Christmas album for me and I’m in love already. Now, I just need the full A Very She & Him Christmas album and I’ll be set.

– I got to see two people I rarely see, Magen and Andi, today. And I got to hold a Baby Caleb, which I liked a little too much, ha!

– I tried on a black sequin mini skirt today, just because I couldn’t help myself. I looked like a stripper and it was disturbing.

– I’m looking forward to a lot of things with Thanksgiving this week–being with Reid’s family (which I shouldn’t say that, they’re my family, too, but you know), food, being off work, decorating for Christmas, and not having to hide my Christmas music listening from Reid. But what I’m the most happy about is spending lots of time with Reid and Jack. With my work schedule, we’re not all three together as much as I’d like.

the end.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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