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I Need a New Hat

October 8, 2011

This isn’t a deep post about a new job or turning over a new leaf. I literally need a new hat.

I bought this NY Yankees hat for a skit I was doing in one of my college classes. It means nothing to me, just a hat.

I bought my Alabama hat sometime after Reid and I got together because that’s the school he graduated from and the team he cheers for.

I like wearing hats when I’m running out of the house to do errands and have no make-up on and haven’t showered. I feel like a hat disguises it all, which I know it doesn’t, but still.

The problem has come with what’s on these hats.

When I wear the Alabama hat, I get several “Roll Tide”s as I’m walking down the aisle at the grocery store. Or standing in line at the post office. It was cute at first. Then, sometimes, they want to discuss the game with me or tell me who needs to pick up the defense. I nod and act like I care and I know what they’re talking about.


If I wear the NY hat, I get men telling me I’ve got the wrong hat on and I must not be from around here and blah blah blah.

I’m not kidding.

And the whole point of the hat is to cover up, but now, people are coming up to me and talking, and sometimes judging me or trash talking me because of my hat.

I’m not against talking to strangers and being nice, but sometimes, I’m trying to deal with Jack while this is going on, making sure he’s not throwing things out of the buggy. Or I’m tired and don’t want to face people. Hence, the hat.

So, I’m adding this to my Christmas list:

A plain white Nike hat.

No one will talk to me then.

(I’m really not a hater, I just don’t always want to be chatty.)

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  1. amymezzell permalink
    October 9, 2011 5:27 am

    I don’t blame you one bit!

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