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The One Where I Get Injections in my Scalp

September 27, 2011

After seeing Holly’s success with a new dermatologist and light treatments for her psoriasis, I knew I had to see this doctor.

Jack went with me. As I was getting our insurance information from Reid over the phone, Jack grabbed a pen and wrote on one of their leather chairs! So, I was already frazzled before I walked to the exam room. Also, there was a nice little note stating children are not be brought back to the exam rooms for your appointment.

Um, I don’t want him here anymore than you do!

**How creepy is this framed picture of a child crying? It was hanging in the waiting room.

Anyways, I’m (still) not a candidate for light treatments. Basically, it’d put me more at risk for skin cancer since I have such fair skin.

We’re working on getting me approved for another type of injection, Stelara. It’s much stronger than what I tried last time. The main downside is that my immune system will be significantly decreased, so I may get sick more often.

But, the plus side– instead of Reid having to give me injections every other week, like the last time, I’d only have to get one injection at the doctor’s office every 12 weeks! That’s a huge difference and something I can live with.

After discussing this, the doctor suggested we go ahead and do scalp injections today (which are different than the previously stated).

I froze. And immediately, tears. Wishing Reid was there.

They brought in the needles and they could tell I was shaking. And Jack’s hanging on my legs as I sit in the chair. The doctor said she could give me creams instead, but I HATE dealing with that and this would be over and done with.

So, the nurse was gracious enough to offer to take Jack in the hall. And I let her.

I laid on my stomach with my face in my hands and prepared for the worst. Still crying a little.

She was like, “Oh, it’s just like Botox. Same needle size.”

Because I’ve had Botox??

I felt a teeny, tiny pinch on my head and that was it. I breathed a sigh of relief and let her do several injections all over my head.

It was NOTHING. And then, I felt so ridiculous for crying and kept apologizing to the doctor and nurse.

My head has felt a little tingly today and I eventually had headaches, but medicine has taken care of that. If it works, it’s worth it.

I feel hopeful because these treatments aren’t dependent upon me.

the end.

**I know this has been a lengthy post, but being at a dermatology office is always strange. I immediately feel concerned about getting wrinkles and lines on my face, and consider asking about the eyelash lengthening medicine. There are all these pictures of befores and after of Botox and other fancy work. And this pamphlet when I check out, telling me I need to spruce up before the holidays?

So weird.

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