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Boys Wardrobe

September 25, 2011

I went to a couple of children’s consignment sales recently and left without anything for Jack. Not normal for me. Usually, I have to set a budget and put away pieces, getting only what I truly like and think he’ll get the most wear out of, like a Star Wars t-shirt.

I work at a consignment store and get first pick on things and haven’t found too much I’ve liked. Or if I’ve liked it, it didn’t fit him because he’s long and skinny.

Let me go ahead and brag that Jack pooped on the potty without us prompting him; he just went in there and did his business. And that was his first real time. I hate people talking about their kids’ pooping, but this process has made me realize WHAT A BIG DEAL it is. Like, you wanna call everyone you know and yell, “Hey, my kid just POOPED in the potty, like a real person!”

That being said, this means it’s the official goodbye to the longalls/jonjons. I knew it was time because he’s almost three and it starts getting creepy, but this makes it official.

Not being impressed with fall clothing for Jack, and knowing the frou-frou stuff is out and it’s all pants and shirts from now on (with the occasional overalls because I just can’t stop), means I’m going to be making most of his fall clothes or getting them made.

Everything seems to be graphic tees, which can be cute, but he’s got the rest of his life to do those; I want to savor the cuteness and the fact that he’s only two. And I can still dress him like I want.

I have a folder on our computer titled “Clothes Ideas for Jack” with 155 pictures in it. It’s slowly built up to that over the past couple of years. Here are some of my favorites for this fall:

And I can’t leave out cars, trucks, and planes. Those are his favorite things. And his top obsession? School buses.

Of course, I’m not going to make (or have them made) all of them because there’s no need for one kid to have that many shirts and it’d cost way too much, ha!

I’ve already bought the fabric for this outfit because I wanted it last year, but it was too expensive to buy as already made, but now that I’m sewing, I can make them for $5, via sale on eBay.

Source: Orabelle Baby

I saw this nightlight at Pottery Barn and immediately thought, “SHIRT!” This would be so easy to make, I think.

I’ve only made one shirt for the fall. It’s not cold yet, so I’m not rushing. He won’t be shirtless.

The shirt came from this:

I had bought this last fall for way too cheap to pass up at a consignment place. I tried it on him and the fit was really awkward. So, it became this:

Seeing it on here makes it look not too cute, but it’s cuter in person. I like it.

I know it doesn’t really matter what he wears; but part of the fun of having a kid is dressing them, right? And not everything will be babyish. He’s got some normal, big kid clothing, too.

Here’s to pretending Jack’s not growing up!

the end.

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  1. September 27, 2011 7:45 pm

    Love the shirt you made 🙂

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