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Mid-Weekend Update

September 17, 2011

Jack’s been getting up at 5:30 EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING. Or, at least, all week. So, when Reid’s parents called and asked about getting Jack on Friday for a sleepover, I was so happy that I felt guilty about being that happy.

They came over and took him home with them on Friday around lunchtime. When Jack realized he was leaving with them, he was the happiest little boy. He waved good-bye from their car and didn’t look back.

I walked into the quiet house and sighed.

Normally, I take these times to run errands or get out alone, but all I wanted to do was stay home and enjoy having the house all to myself.

I ate lunch, drank a latte, and worked on a project while watching a movie from the library.

It was just what I needed.

When Reid got home from work, we went to Publix together to get what we needed for dinner. Then, we made dinner together and watched the 2nd season of Extras.

After that, we took down the crib and set up Jack’s “new” bed.

I love these sheets. I found them at our Target on clearance for $12, but they were the wrong size. So, I called Reid’s Mom and she was able to find them at her Target.

Jack’s room will stay with the airplane theme, but we’ll add a few other travel elements–maps, cars, trucks, etc. I’m thinking about a huge framed vintage style map for over his bed.

I woke up at 9 to the sound of Reid cleaning the kitchen. I tried to sleep later than that, but my body couldn’t do it.

I went to a couple of yard sales on our street while Reid ate breakfast, then we went on a bike ride around the neighborhood.

It was a very relaxing morning. Jack cried when Max and Sally brought him back. He was pointing down the street when they pulled in and he kept trying to buckle himself back in. You’d think we beat him or something, the way he acts about being back home!

When Jack got home, we went to Hannah’s 2nd Birthday party at the splash pad.

Part of Hannah’s present was a shirt I made:

I really want to show the baby boy gown I made, but I’m going to wait til the Mom sees it in person first. 🙂

It took some warming up, but eventually, Jack loved the splash pad.

Me and Kari, Hannah’s Mom. She’s pregnant and due in March! Yay for March babies!

My jeans were soaked by the time we left. I had fun playing in the water with Jack. Next time we go, I’m wearing my bathing suit and plan to run through all the fountains; it felt so good!

Jack went to bed in his new bed REALLY great tonight. But, he was exhausted, so that helped.

Right now, Reid’s listening to the Alabama game and I’m making a cake for tomorrow and watching random shows on Hulu.

theeee end.

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