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There Will Be Tears

September 13, 2011

After deciding 5:30 AM was an acceptable wake up time yesterday, Jack got angry that we wouldn’t let him out of his crib. And I was angry that I was out of bed so early.

Jack won by jumping out of his crib.

Maybe jump is the wrong word; he threw his leg over the rail and then, fell on his back.

I was in the hallway and heard him, knowing exactly what had happened.

He’s fine, no injuries.

But, this means that the crib we set up in October of 2008, while I was 3-4 months pregnant, and has been in that very spot ever since, needs to be taken apart, and placed in the attic.

I knew the reality of moving Jack to a real bed was sometime in our future. I was hoping to wait til he was three because I like to put things off.

I, also, thought I would have picked out the perfect bed to match his room, along with new bedding- sheets, pillows, comforter. I spent SO MUCH TIME picking out a crib and the bedding, so it seems like it should be the same way with this.

Thankfully, especially since we didn’t realize it would come this soon, one of Reid’s aunts has graciously given us a twin bed w/ the mattress and boxspring that was in their guest room.

I really am so glad to have it because, otherwise, Jack would be sleeping on his crib mattress on the floor, which may be what he does tonight, til we can get the bed. I’m scared he’s going to want to get up and not wait on us to get there and jump out again and really get hurt.

I didn’t think it would be such an emotional thing; I only thought about the new bed, not realizing to get ths new bed in there, we’d have to take down the crib.

It’ll be hard to see it go in the attic, joining the land of everything else he’s outgrown – the clothes, the boppy, the swing, the big stroller, the toys, the bouncy seat, the walker, the exersaucer.

All representing different stages in his short life, but mainly. his baby stage. And the crib is the last remnant of the baby stage to go.

But, it’s very bittersweet, because I do miss the smallness that he once was, but I love watching him grow up and learn new things.

So, here’s to a new chapter in Jack growing up.

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  1. Nana permalink
    September 14, 2011 6:56 am

    This post makes me a little sad too. They do grow up quickly, don’t they.

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