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Mid Weekend Update

September 10, 2011

Friday morning, I started taking pictures, thinking I’d take pictures throughout the day and do a post with those. But, the day got busy with errands.

Before it got busy, here’s what our day looked like:

Cars, cars, and more cars. The boy loves cars. And lining them up.

Trying to stay away from sweets, but I have allowed myself one of these every other dayish. Made with milk.

After playing, we went to a consignment sale. Someone, and it’s not me, ran over our umbrella stroller, so I’ve been trying to find a cheap one that I like.

So, I took Jack without a stroller to a huge consignment sale. I was nervous because I knew it’d be crowded and I’d have to dig if I want to look for clothes, while holding Jack. He did great and my arm didn’t fall off.

I always buy something here, but didn’t find anything worth standing in a VERY long line for. Mainly blank shirts for monogramming and appliques. I put them back, but I think Samantha bought them today for Noah, ha!

We ran other errands and ended with a stop at Thimbles, a fabric store someone told me about. It was a breath of fresh air. I love fabric. Especially fabric that I’ve only seen online and contemplated ordering. Or fabric that I see at work and wish I could find to buy.

I bought these to make Jack a bag for his cars:

I’ve had to hide the car fabric because Jack wants to carry it around and use it as a blanket.

I, also, stocked up on odd pieces. I made this gown for Magen a couple of months ago, and someone saw it and contacted me about making a matching pair for twin girls.

I don’t have much girly fabric, so I’ve been slowly stocking up on 1/4 yard pieces here and there to figure out which combination to use.

Not knowing them or their style makes it a little difficult, but I know, in the end, they’ll love seeing their girls’ names on something.

I worked today and it was extremely busy. While I was at work, Lori and Drew came over to watch the Alabama game with Reid and Jack. They were still here when I got home and Tracie and Lori’s mom joined us for taco soup and some entertaining from a wild Jack.

I miss seeing friends. We really need to have people over more often.

Now, I’m going to get in bed and read a book.

PS: Last night, I was talking to Reid in the car and said, “Oh my gosh.” Then, a little voice from the back seat repeated me. Reid immediately got Jack switched into saying “Oh no” instead. Time to filter myself a little more.

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  1. September 11, 2011 10:38 pm

    I think I like the color combination in D., but they’re all cute.
    ( the middle fabric in A is the backing of Lauren’s quilt)
    I’m glad Jack likes his cars 🙂

  2. September 12, 2011 8:08 am

    I LOVE that infant gown/sleeper you made for Magen! I was wondering where she got it or who made it. Could I possibly order one for Owen? It is so cute!! 🙂

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