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You knew it was coming

September 7, 2011

Isn’t it a rite of passage as a potty training parent to take pictures of your kid in their new underwear?

I will not be posting any pictures of Jack on the toilet, but I will post pictures of him in his underwear for the world to see.

I have a hard time not referring to them as his panties. I think it’s just habit since I’m a girl.

These were all right after he had a nice, long bubble bath this morning because there was pretty big accident.

I tried some of his fall/winter clothes on since it’s a little colder lately and they all look baggy on him.

Reid weighed 2 pounds less than Jack when he was this age. So, I don’t think he’ll be gaining any weight soon.

Jack was real quiet while I was cleaning the kitchen. It took me a little while to find him in his closet, playing with the door shut.

I really don’t have anything to blog about because my life has revolved around potty training for the past couple of days. Jack and I haven’t been anywhere in two days, which is fine. None of the accidents have upset me and I have a pretty strong stomach. It’s one of those things that you just take it as it comes and deal with it. It helps since I mentally prepared myself for this and have made this the only focus on my days.

Although, I am tired of hearing myself say words like potty, pee pee, poop, poo poo, potty, potty, potty. Maybe I can have an adult conversation at work that doesn’t involve bodily functions.

the end.

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