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Sir Jack

September 5, 2011

Jack is two and a half.

I haven’t said this in a while, so I’ll say it now. I think this is my favorite age, so far. There is much more entertaining going on, conversations taking place, and lots of laughing. Oh, and lots and lots of kisses and hugs. Sure, there are still times where Jack pushes our buttons and we lose it. And there are fights and time outs and whining. But, most times, I’m amazed at the joy Jack brings us.

We already think our kid’s a genius (because, honestly, doesn’t everyone think that about their child!?), but it was confirmed last week. The word genius wasn’t used, but it was what I heard. 🙂 Jack’s speech therapist came over for the first real appointment, since his initial visit at the office.

As soon as she got there, Jack was all about showing off his toys, playing ball, and gabbing about trucks. She was shocked to see him like this since he was quiet and reserved at the office a month ago. But, that’s the thing about Jack, he’s a different person when he’s out of his element. (Aren’t most people!?)

Jack has picked up SO MANY new words in the past month. He’s finally repeating us and trying more to say words, which was not the case before. Once again, proving that he’ll do things in his own sweet time.

I could not be more proud than when the therapist’s jaw dropped at Jack completing a certain matching puzzle without me giving him any clues. She just looked at me in awe and asked if he really just did that.

Um, yeah, you saw him, duh.

But, apparently, that type of visual memorization is beyond his age.

She was here for a little over an hour, observing, playing and giving me some pointers on how to help him progress further in his speech. Mainly, repetitive games/activities where I use the same words over and over.

**The title is in reference to the pictures of Jack with his knight gear. He’s been watching The Reluctant Dragon on repeat and loves to watch the knight pretend to slay the dragon. Needless to say, Reid and I have to keep our guards up because Jack can play rough and that foam sword can hurt.

the end.

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