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September 1, 2011

Three Posts in One…aaaand go:

What I Wore Wednesday, (Mini) Beach Edition
Since I shared a post about my body issues at the beach, I thought I’d share what I wore on the beach that helped me feel more comfortable.

Both cover-ups are from Target. The one on the left is actually a dress. Both were on super clearance since it’s the end of the Summer.

They’re both light and airy, which was perfect for playing in the sand with Jack and being on the beach. And for covering your stomach on the last day of vacation when you’re bloated from too much fried seafood and Dr. Pepper. Oh, and lots of pie.

Stitches Update

I took Jack to get his stitches out on Tuesday. I was dreading the appointment, thinking they’d have to strap him down again and I wasn’t so sure I could handle it. I was more prepared and calm this visit, which happens when you’re not covered in blood and in emergency mode. So, when we went back there I was prepared to stay with him and deal with it.

But, the doctor said if I’d just let him lay in my lap and hold his arms down, they’d cut the stitches out real quick. That I could handle. He only cried because we were pinning him down, it didn’t seem like it was out of pain.

And that was that. Everything healed like it should and he’s good as new. She mentioned Jack would be ready for cleanings in a few months. I’m sure he won’t be traumatized at all by this. (I’m being sarcastic.) I was really hoping his first dentist appointment would be drama-free and he’d have a good attitude towards the dentist.

Oh, well. You can’t win them all.

We celebrated Jack’s bravery with donuts.

One Year
Today marks ONE YEAR of working at the same place! It’s been a while (since college days) that I’ve had that long of a run at one place. I’ve had a lot of random jobs, so it feels nice to actually be consistent. Like I’ve accomplished something. Sounds silly when I type it out. And like I’ve been fired from jobs and I’m glad they didn’t fire me. That’s not the case. Ok, I’ll stop tying now.

I celebrated with a cupcake. And by dressing like a watermelon– notice the bright green skirt with the pink top. Not so sure if it worked or not, but I was in a “I really don’t care” mood today. I really don’t like this picture, but I made Reid take it when he wasn’t thrilled about doing so, so I should post it, right?

the end.

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