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First Stitches

August 24, 2011

Let’s go ahead and file this morning under things I’d rather not experience again.

Jack and I were up and dressed by 8:30 because we thought the speech therapist was coming today, but things got mixed up and she’s coming next week. But, turns out that is was good we were dressed and ready to go.

Jack was standing at the window sill, watching the garbage truck men do their thing, when I left the room to get my coffee from the office.

Then, I heard a loud noise and found Jack screaming with blood flowing out of his mouth.

He had fallen and hit his mouth on the window sill. I couldn’t see his teeth from the blood, so I was able to wipe it away and see his teeth were fine, but I couldn’t find where the blood was coming from.

I immediately grabbed him and my phone and went to his bathroom. By this point, I’m hysterical. I really had no idea what to do. My instincts did not kick in. I felt so helpless.

I called Alli because she lives in this area and has 3 kids; surely, she would know what to do and where to take him. Realizing how frantic I was, she and her kids jumped in the car and came over. (Seriously, how sweet is that?)

By the time she got here, I had called a local dentist and was in the car, ready to take Jack. She stayed with Jack and suggested I change my shirt, since it was covered in blood.

Again, I’m still crying. I really couldn’t get it under control, which is horrible, because Jack is scared and hurting and I’m not doing him any favors by crying.

I scribbled our info on the paperwork and they took us back immediately when we got to the dentist’s office. All the women were so kind and sympathetic.

I held Jack down while the doctor looked in his mouth. He had a gaping hole in his gums, above his front teeth. It took FOUR of us to get an x-ray on his front teeth. Thankfully, his teeth are perfectly fine. However, he had to get TWO stitches.

And how does a 2 year old allow you to put stitches in his mouth? The blue burrito.

I talked about it back in my dental assisting days, when I didn’t think anything about it. But, when they mentioned they’d have to strap his entire body down for the procedure, I lost it again.

They told me I could stay or leave. I decided to stay. After about one minute, I couldn’t handle it and had to leave. Seeing his head, hands, feet, everything strapped down tight and him screaming was too much. Also, knowing he was about to get a shot in his gums to numb the area.

I was only in the waiting room for about 2 minutes when Reid got there. I couldn’t have survived this without him showing up.

Just a few minutes later, they took us back there and he was picking out a toy from the treasure chest. And saying “no” because he didn’t like their toys, ha!

It’s over; he just needs lots of meds and will have to get the stitches out next week. It really could have been so much worse, but it was so scary at the time seeing that much blood.

Don’t feel bad for him when you see these pictures– he’s crying because it’s nap time!! Not because he’s hurt.

I can’t decide to cry or laugh when I see his smile. It’s so sad, but so funny because he looks like a duck-billed platypus.

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  1. sheena permalink
    August 24, 2011 3:16 pm

    awwwwww poor little jack!
    i’m sure that was a terrifying experience!

    i remember my brother slipping and cracking the side of his face against the edge of our cedar chest. he was probably around jack’s age. he hit just above his eye on his brow bone. it was the same bloody situation, although i think my mom stayed pretty calm, but it WAS her second child.

    i think these things are just rites of passage that every mother has to endure. at least it’s over with now!!

  2. Nana permalink
    August 24, 2011 7:58 pm

    Ohhhh …..those pictures make me so sad. Poor baby! Get well soon, Jack!! I hope he sleeps well and goes right back to sleep after he has to be wakened to take his meds.

  3. Mom permalink
    August 24, 2011 9:00 pm

    Oh, poor Jack 😦 I’m so sorry this happened but thankful his teeth are ok. I know you were so freaked out by all the blood. Hope y’all have a good night and he rest well.
    (btw, I have a pic of you at about 5 with the same lip)

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