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Picture Overload

August 13, 2011

Work was crazy today. I normally dread Saturdays because they seem to drag on and on, but today flew by and it was time to clean up and leave before I knew it.

Leaving for work was really hard this morning. Reid’s still sick and doesn’t have much energy, but he had to take care of Jack today, regardless. As I was getting dressed, Jack put his shoes on (while still wearing his pjs) and said “I go.” I kept telling him he had to stay home and take care of daddy, but he kept saying “no” and was following me out the door.

So, of course, he cries when I leave. And I cried a little on the way to work.

On the way home, I thought about taking Jack to the park, but it was already 6PM and he’d still need a bath and a snack and the whole bedtime routine. I forget that he’s two and doesn’t need grand gestures. Just going outside for a walk is all he wants/needs sometimes. So, that’s what we did. (While Reid went to the local urgent care to see what’s wrong with him.)

We were about three houses down when Jack fell and skinned both his knees. I think this is his fourth time with at least one skinned knee. It’s so sad! I carried him home, but he seemed to feel better and knew we could get more playtime.

He can almost reach the pedals.

Checking out his knees:

Jack’s really gotten into this whole physical affection thing lately; he loves giving kisses and hugs on demand. And we’re eating it up. One day he’ll be scarred for life by the videos and pictures we’ve taken of this, but I’ll savor them forever. The best is when he grabs my face with both hands and kisses me!

This picture cracks me up. I like to imagine that he’s soaking up the time being with me because he missed me so much, hahaha!

I’ll end on this picture of little Harry Potter. He takes them on and off all the time, but it’s so darn hard to get a picture of it!

Looking back, these pictures are super over-edited. I tend to do that late at night.

PS: Reid’s fine? The dr’s aren’t sure what’s wrong with him. :/

PSS: Feel free to send me some anti-wrinkle creams after seeing all these pictures! Wow, is that normal for a 26 year old!? Geez, louise!

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