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Week Update

August 11, 2011

I walked into the living room and found Jack watching a movie like this earlier this week:

I just did a search on ebay for “World Market Elephant.” Poor Roger, Jack’s stuffed elephant, isn’t going to make it. I wonder if I can send it somewhere to get re-made?

Reid’s sick this week. He went straight to bed when he got home from work yesterday. I distracted Jack, because he wanted to play with Reid, by letting him “help” me cook.

Dinner took an hour longer than I thought it would to cook, since it was frozen, so I let him eat his dinner on the counter.

And, then, of course, his cookie. We consider animal crackers to be cookies in this house. Except Jack was at my parents’ house last week and they were giving him REAL cookies for dessert. Let’s just say Jack was one disappointed little boy when he asked for a cookie after dinner when he got home and Reid offered him animal crackers.

So, we now keep a stock of cookies in the pantry.

He likes to savor the moment.

I realize in posting my thrift store finds that it sounds like I go to thrift stores all the time. I really don’t. Or do I? There are just so many in this area and Jack wants to get out and when I don’t feel like driving anywhere else and it feels like 100 degrees out, we just drop in at the small thrift stores.

Yesterday, we went to two. I was mainly looking for plain, longsleeve shirts for Jack to start working on his fall collection, ha! I found a plain shortsleeve shirt for now, which is good because I need to make a shirt for some shorts I made a while back. I made way too many shorts and not enough shirts.

All the tags I got were on sale, so I spent a little over $3. He’s just now getting into Thomas stuff. He’s had a little train set for a while and loves that and knows who he is, but only recently has he watched some of the videos.

Jack fell in love with this fire engine and I thought it was really cute and vintage looking. It was only $2, so it came home with us. And it has been wiped down several times with Clorox wipes.

We haven’t done much this morning. I took some kind of nighttime Tylenol last night around 9 and went to bed, which is a good thing because Jack was up at 6. It still took a couple hours for the sleepiness to wear off. What a horrible feeling.

After I was done being hungover, we went to the library. We played with the puzzles for a bit, then picked out books. I found a really cool lion book, but Jack was not impressed at all. Then, I held up a Thomas book and he screamed really loud because he was so excited.

So, we got that and a few movies.

I think we’re realizing we’re going to have to start potty training. He’s saying more words, which is encouraging, but I wanted to wait on the potty training thing til he was really, really talking. I’m not going to read anything about it or research or anything til after our beach trip next week. There’s no point in starting right now when we’re about to go out of town. I am not ready. I’ve been dreading this since before he was born! 🙂

the end.

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