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What a week

August 5, 2011

This has been a strange week.

Or maybe the strangeness started on Tuesday. Monday night we just couldn’t sleep. Around 2am we heard an extremely loud noise. I thought a box had fallen in the attic, Reid thought it was the garage door.

(I, also, thought ninjas had snuck into our attic that day and were planning their attack. I get a little irrational so late at night.)

Reid was right, but we didn’t realize it til he was trying to leave for work at 5:30am. The garage door had fallen and was missing a spring. Which translates to us being trapped because we keep both cars in the garage.

The start of a long day. I spent the morning packing and getting Jack ready.

Before I tell you, please don’t hate me. I realize how spoiled and lucky I am. And how we got one of the best anniversary presents this week.

Jack’s been gone since Tuesday! My mom and I met halfway on Tuesday, once we paid the nice garage man a nice fee to let us escape, and I handed over Jack.

Jack wasn’t even sad to see me go; he just waved bye and they pulled off. Jack’s had a nice little vacation at my parent’s house, playing with my sister, living off of cookies, etc.

I always think “Man, if I just had a day alone I get could so much done or I could just sew and watch tv.”

I’ve actually just started getting stuff done last night.

But, we went to a party Tuesday night. Saw Harry Potter Wednesday night. And I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. And worked in between.

At the foot doctor, I was hooked up with a night splint, which means a boot, to wear while I’m not standing. I, also, got fitted for custom inserts for my shoes.

So, I’ve been sleeping a lot. Maybe too much because I’ve slept my free time away!

Today is my full day of nothing—no work, no nothing. I need to go grocery shopping, clean a little, etc.

Reid’s meeting my parents tomorrow half way to pick up Jack.

I’ve cried off an on. I miss that little boy. And I know my parents and sister are worn out.

Did I mentioned we finally saw HARRY POTTER!!?!?!???

On the way to the movies.

Prepping by listening to Harry Potter music.

A movie tradition–stocking up on candy before we get there.

About to get our mind’s blown. (Or, in my case, cry.)

I thought the movie was incredible. There were some cheesy lines that I could have done without and some forced nostalgia, but I can overlook those things because I thought the movie was phenomenal, as a whole. I did cry a lot. At happy moments, sad moments. I knew they were going to happen, but geez, seeing them played out was so emotional. Like Harry with his parents. Like Snape’s reaction to Lily’s death. And the end with Harry and his son? Oh. my.goodness.

I’ll stop. I’m embarrassing myself (and Reid).

Needless to say, our next child shall be named Harry Potter.

PS: Today’s our FIFTH anniversary! I have something I’ve written; it’ll be posted today or tomorrow.

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  1. Max permalink
    August 5, 2011 2:04 pm

    Happy anniversary, you guys. I love all 3 of you. I can’t wait to see the last HP movie, but I need to see the first ones first to remember everything (hint).

    • August 5, 2011 3:55 pm

      Does this mean you want to watch all of them with us in one sitting? OR just that you want to borrow them? 🙂 We’ll go see it again with you!!!

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